London Lorry Control Route Approver London Lorry Control Route Approver

Route planning and submission service Route planning and submission service

If you’re an HGV fleet operator, you will be familiar with the process of calling or faxing your requested route into London and then waiting for London Councils to confirm the approval you need to avoid a penalty.

There is now a quick, convenient and affordable alternative which takes the hassle out of route planning and meets the strict requirements of the London Lorry Control Scheme.

From London Lorry Route Approver, you can now:

  • Automatically generate your compliant route by searching by postcode
  • Get a route which is specifically suited to the size of your vehicle, avoiding various width, weight and height restrictions
  • Generate a route card for drivers
  • Submit the route to London Councils and receive instant automatic approval online
  • Store all your submitted and approved routes online to re-visit at any time
  • Enjoy an unlimited number of compliant route submissions
  • Register for the approved routing service online in seconds, even if you have only got your Operator licence recently

With instant registration available now online, it’s a quick and affordable way of making life a lot easier.

How does it work?

  1. Register for the service
  2. Select the vehicle from registered vehicle list
  3. Input the destination by postcode
  4. The shortest compliant route for your vehicle is automatically generated
  5. Submit this to London Councils for automatic approval
  6. Save the route and, if you wish, print it out

You can revisit the service as many times as you wish and give your drivers direct access to the routes themselves.

Simple · Quick · Affordable · Compliant

Get your route approved in minutes not days! Get your route approved in minutes not days!

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How does it help me?

  • Fast – get your route approved in seconds not days
  • Efficient – less admin time wasted faxing over routes or chasing up approvals
  • Reassuring – as all route information is updated regularly, you can be sure your drivers will avoid height, weight and width restrictions and difficult terrain like tight turns.
  • Compliant – eliminates the risk of a penalty charge; if you receive an enquiry from London Councils Lorry Control, you can prove that the route was authorised prior to the journey, as you have an audit trail.

Access to the system is charged annually based on the number of vehicles registered. For operators with more than 30 vehicles call 0207 952 0450.